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School Profile

The iSchool opened its doors in September 2008 with 100 ninth grade students on part of the fifth floor of a 100-plus-year-old school building in the SoHo area of Manhattan.  The iSchool shares its space with another DOE high school and operates within the same policies and regulations of any NYC public high school.   Each year since its opening, the school has added approximately 120 new ninth graders; the school is now at capacity with approximately 470 students and occupies the fourth and fifth floors of its current building.


Our Students:
Despite the challenge of acceptance to the school (the school receives about 3000 applications each year for 120 spots), the iSchool has attracted and admitted a remarkably diverse student body, with students coming to the school from all five boroughs of New York City, some traveling over an hour and a half to attend the school each day. The diversity is academic, racial, and socioeconomic.

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NYC iSchool By The Numbers:

53% of students qualify for free/reduced lunch
25% of students have IEPs
9% Asian
15% Black
35% Hispanic
5% Multi-Racial
36% White

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