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Based on the belief that adolescents perform better in school and transition more smoothly to adulthood when they feel known and supported, the iSchool's advisory program provides each student with a supportive and individualized high school experience.  Through multiple meetings each week, advisors lead group-building activities, facilitate school-wide initiatives and developmentally appropriate activities, and provide one-on-one guidance to advisees.  

The advisory culture is supported through advisory-based orientation activities each fall, and through a dedicated and "sacred" time in the schedule when only advisory activities are happening.  Advisories, ideally, remain together throughout their four years of high school so that they build a strong  and consistent support network, and so that advisors get to know their advisees and families well. 


Advisors meet with advisees' families during conference weeks, serve as the primary liaison between the school and home, and are held accountable for meeting the needs of their advisees.  One primary role of advisory is to develop students' metacognitive skills, achieved primarily through iSchool's student-led conference process.  Through these conferences, students begin to take responsibility for their academics and for them to understand that grades are earned.  The process also helps students to better understand themselves as learners, to identify patterns and habits associated with success and struggle, and to develop and adopt strategies for future success. Ultimately, the process empowers students to be in control of their own progress and goal attainment, and to advocate for themselves as learners. 

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