The NYC iSchool is an academically selective NYC public school. Admission to the iSchool is through the NYC Department of Education High School Enrollment program. Tours of the school are offered to prospective applicants in October and November. Online registration for tours begins in mid-September. To be considered for admissions to the iSchool, applicants are required to complete an online admissions activity that will be available here at the beginning of October, 2019.

Diversity in Admissions Pilot: Working Towards Equity and Inclusion in a Segregated School System

We’re very excited to officially announce that the NYC iSchool has been approved to join the city's Diversity in Admissions pilot program, which was launched by Mayor De Blasio's office in 2015 to combat New York City's segregated school system. Under this initiative, schools are allowed to prioritize seats for low-income students.

What this means is that the iSchool will give priority to applicants who are eligible for free/reduced lunch (based on family income) for up to 60% of our seats. For the 2017-2018 school year, 39% of iSchool students had demonstrated economic need, compared with a city average of 72%. As a public school we have always believed that the iSchool’s student body should mirror that of New York City and we’re thrilled to participate in this program.

Families of students who are eligible for free and reduced lunch, and all other interested students, are encouraged to apply.