The iSchool was founded on the beliefs of individualization and the importance of choice and responsibility, and we mirror these core beliefs in our college counseling process. We believe that every iSchool student is capable of being successful in college, and that college will open the doors to a wealth of opportunities. Our College Office offers a personalized and comprehensive college counseling program that focuses on helping every student apply to a range of “best fit” colleges that match his, her, or their needs.

In order to meet the individual needs of each student, the college counselors guide, counsel, question, recommend, refer, suggest and inform. This support comes through student group workshops, monthly newsletters and other communications, structured weekly advisory lessons, and individual and family meetings.

While many supports are given, we expect students to be responsible and take control of their own college application process— to be “in the driver’s seat”. Students are responsible for researching colleges, getting applications out on time, signing up for tests on time, asking teachers for recommendations, and completing and submitting their applications.  We do not do these things for the students, nor should the parents.

Ultimately, students who end up most successful in the college process are those who understand their abilities and needs best, feel confident in their abilities and choices, and who are thus able to find schools that are a best fit. These students have researched their schools, asked tough questions, and found good matches: schools where they can thrive both socially and academically while being challenged and pushed to be their best self.  iSchool students have developed the fortitude and self-awareness to make such matches.