Become a Client or Expert for our Student Projects

“Become a Client or Expert for our Student Projects”

The iSchool is currently seeking businesses and organizations to partner with our students on projects that will provide valuable learning experiences for our students and valuable service to your organization.  By partnering with iSchool students on projects for your organization, you will help:

  • Demonstrate how academics are connected to the work of the “real world”
  • Expose our students to varied career fields and jobs and inspire a new generation of workers to explore and pursue the career that you love
  • Instill in our students valuable 21st century skills
  • Show teenagers that they are capable of doing real work that matters to organizations and their communities

Rethink your resource pool!  Our students can become your consultants.  Teenagers are creative, innovative thinkers, tech-savvy, and compassionate.  As members of a group with huge purchasing power, they understand what your clients and customers want and need.  A class or classes of students provides significant brain and man-power. Here are some of the projects our students have already completed for various organizations:

  • Gathering teen perspectives from around the globe to inform the adolescent education exhibits at the National September 11th Memorial and Museum
  • Developing a franchise expansion plan for Two Boots pizza
  • Designing Green Roof proposals for public schools
  • Creating digital activism campaigns, walking tour podcasts, and policy briefs

How it works:

  • Envision a short-term task or project (usually 8 weeks) - large or small - that your organization needs completed.
  • Our teachers will meet with you to discuss your vision and needs and will work with you to determine a deadline and outline the deliverable our students will produce.
  • Your organization will present the "challenge" to the students, provide "expert" guidance and support as needed, and then participate in the presentation and evaluation of the students' final product.


To become a client or expert for one of our challenge-based courses, please contact Principal Cara Tair-Fanor (