Challenge-Based Learning

Challenge-based learning occurs through courses called Modules, which are intensive, nine-week interdisciplinary courses developed around real-world challenges. Modules are designed to develop students' understanding of big ideas and broad global concepts, and their development and application of 21st century skills - the kind of things the leaders hope students will remember and still need to know and use 20 years from now.

Modules are developed with real work and real world challenges in mind; whenever possible, this work actually derives from the needs of real clients, who might come to the iSchool with a real challenge or task for students to complete. Solving this challenge, or completing this job, then becomes the driving force and curriculum of the module. Each day in class, students then work towards completion of the job. Both the content and skills students learn each day contribute to their understanding of the task or challenge, provide content-related context, and enable them to complete the challenge well, at a high level of quality, as professionals would. 

Through Modules, students have the opportunity to work alongside experts to do real work for an audience outside the school that will make a difference to an organization or community, and that teaches them important skills and understandings in a more meaningful way.