The iSchool is considered a screened school in New York City. The iSchool believes firmly in informed choice, so primarily uses its status as a screened school to ensure that students want to be at the iSchool. The school does this through requiring prospective students to complete an online admissions activity, designed to assess students' interest in the school. For the 2022-2023 school year, the NYC iSchool will not be using any grades or test scores in our admissions screen – we will only be using our online admissions activity. 

The online admissions activity is also used to help the Admissions committee think about which students will do well at the iSchool; those who really strive to be independent learners are those who will be happiest at the iSchool because they understand that the school is consciously moving them toward that goal, and appreciate that the reward will be greater independence in determining their academic path. It is also important to the school that students know what they're getting into - a high school that is offering a different instructional model. A demonstrated understanding of what that is and a genuine interest in being part of it are qualities that reveal to the admissions committee a good match.

Please note that the iSchool is part of New York City's Diversity in Admissions program. This means that we will give admissions priority to applicants who are eligible for free/reduced lunch (based on family income) for up to 67% of our seats.