The “i” in “iSchool”

When asked what highschool I go to, the response is simply the following “I go to the NYC iSchool”. Most people respond with phrases like “what?”, or “I know you go to a high school, which one?”.

A question that every iSchooler is asked in their lifetime is: what does the “i” stand for? We’ve been asked this time and time again. According to the school brochure, it could stand for “imagination” or “inspire” or “innovate.” I asked some students what they thought it stood for.

Junior, Drita Bedxheti, thinks of the iSchool “as an iPod except it’s a school”.  The “I” can hold value for other ideas that surround the school other than the “I” logo of apple computers.

Another junior, Celina Flores said, “The I stands for me, since the iSchool is a new school, the students have the ability to voice their opinions of what they want or need”.

Attending a high school like NYC iSchool has it’s benefits. The iSchool is known for its accomplishments on standing as one of the first New York City high schools to integrate technology into a curriculum. Misunderstandings like students do not have any structured form of work and sit in front a computer for the whole day are common for people to assume . But we also have smaller classes, we have teachers who actually know our names, and the promotion of the cool idea of the 21st century innovative way to educate using technology.

When people that don’t know about the iSchool, they ask if our school is normal. I laugh because what really is a normal high school? In high school, there will always be fights, dramas, students wandering  the halls, students that spend an hour in the bathroom, cliques, and days where music can solve all your problems. No, the iSchool is not like “regular” high schools. We have an open community, an understanding, and an idea of what we want our high school experiences to be like. The iSchool is a unique place and the students that attend the SoHo-based, ten-flights-of-stairs-to-climb-to-reach-your-classes school, are fully aware of it .

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