Addicted to iPhone?

Playing games to be entertained for a few minutes may be really fun, but are you aware that you may be addicted to your iPhone more than you should be?

The Apple product seems to be the most popular phone in New York City, but customers do not acknowledge that they might be spending more time with their cellphones than talking to friends in person.

As interviewed, sophomores from a local technology school called NYC iSchool all seem to agree on some level that the iPhone can be very addicting, but also state what attracted them to the most preferred phone today.

The iPhone that is being sold out in stores everywhere throughout the borough of Manhattan is the iPhone 4s, especially in the color white. The iPhone lets you do so many things such as take HD photos, play games, including Angry Birds and Temple run, and video chat with relatives. It is no mystery as to why people really enjoy having an iPhone.

Kelsey says that because she has an iPhone, she finds herself using it just about every single day. “I am definitely addicted with my iPhone, I constantly text my friends and use Netflix to watch television shows and movies.”

Ofir, on the other hand, is not that much addicted to her iPhone because she does not use it for anything else except talk to her friends when texting. “I don’t play games on my phone, but I do use my phone to text, a lot!”

Agreeing with Ofir, Jessica also says that she is not too addicted with her iPhone as much as Kelsey is. She states that she uses it all the time, but does not find herself addicted to it. “I’m not really addicted, I just play games and use Instagram a lot.”

Even people without iPhones can still be addicted when they get a chance at using their friend’s phone to play games.

Xyannie says that she would love to have an iPhone, but is still happy about having an Android. “Yes, I would like to own an iPhone, but I’m perfectly fine with having a phone that actually works so I can contact my mom.”

In conclusion, people are really entertained with the iPhone, whether you are texting a friend or playing games.

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