The Ocean Is Closer Than You Think

By: Kiara Benson

I was running down the stairs and dialing my mother’s number as quickly as I could. The phone rang over and over again. It seemed like she was never going to pick up. I was waiting and speeding towards the train staircase when she finally picked up. “I’m going into the train station,” I quickly said. Anyone watching me would have seen the sudden change in my facial expression. There was a PTA meeting. My mother had bribed me into staying by saying that we could go out to eat afterwards, and it’s a good thing I listened.

After the PTA meeting, I had my hopes of eating Chinese food, but my mother had other plans. She suggested that we go to the restaurant across the street from the school. I really was not in the mood for greasy seafood but my mother brought the fact to my attention that I was not in the mood to pay for the food either.

We walked into the restaurant and to my surprise it was not at all what I had thought it was going to be. The name “Aqua Grill” can make you think that it’s going to be like any other seafood restaurant that you have seen but it’s far from it. The place is organized and decorated with seashells and candles. The overall atmosphere of the place is very relaxing and calm, the food however is in it’s own category.   It’s almost like they have their own personal ocean back there, and they just pull the fish out. The food there is phenomenal! The seafood has an incredibly fresh taste.

I have had many of their dishes and not one of them has had the metallic taste that ruins a good meal. One of my favorite dishes was the Tuna Tartare. It’s a cool refreshing dish that is the perfect balance between simple and complex. This was also one of my mother’s favorite dishes on the menu on the first try. The dish is served a little below room temperature and with fancy, thin sliced, golden brown, chips that crunch and melt in your mouth along with the cool tuna.

Another one of Aqua Grill’s must haves are their oysters. They are cracked open right at the bar and serve on top of ice, along with cocktail sauce. My personal favorite is the blue point oysters, not just because they are the cheapest on the menu but also, because they have a very smooth taste to them. The blue point oysters have the perfect amount of salt and water to them. You can eat 20 of them without getting sick. I know this because I have tried it. Aqua Grill has a very large selection of oysters, more than 10 different kinds. This is the definitely the place to go when you want to sit back and taste the ocean.

Aqua Grill is a good place to go every once and a while depending on how much money you save because it is pretty expensive.  One oyster will run you about $2 and just about everything on the menu is over $8. The highest price that caught my eye on the menu was $155 for a ounce of caviar, but the real meals are mostly in between $8-$30

A suggestion for not bankrupting yourself on the first go would be to take a second person with you and ask whoever is serving you to split the meal you just ordered in half.  They will bring what you just ordered on two separate plates and then you could split the price with the person that you brought to the restaurant with you. Eating three different dishes like this will leave you satisfied and you won’t feel overly stuffed like you normally do when you eat other restaurant food.

The place is pretty expensive so it would not be recommended as a place for students to go on their lunch break. However if a student went with another one of their classmates and ordered take ‘out’ they could split the price and eat a tasty meal.

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