iSchool Seniors Win IdeaPaint Contest

By Angelica Modabber and Dana Ljubicic

Ms. Jenkins and Students finding out they won the IdeaPaint contest. Taken from Gotham Schools

Alexis Lamb and Celina Flores, two NYC iSchool seniors, won a whiteboard contest, granting the school 500 square feet of IdeaPaint.
“I randomly came up with the idea to submit,” Alexis Lamb, a senior, said.
“Me and Celina said we wanted more of the white paint that are on Ms. Jenkins’ tables around the school, and then Ms. Jenkins told us about this contest by IdeaPaint. So we literally just took out a tripod and a camera from Mr. Borg and filmed a short video of us explaining to the IdeaPaint company why we really loved their product and what we wanted to do it.”
A week later, Ms. Berger informed Ms. Jenkins that the school had won a supply of IdeaPaint to put on the walls.
“We put it out there as a way of getting IdeaPaint to increase contact, with our fan base which was already there, as well as contacting with people other than them, so that they can find out about IdeaPaint and help spread the word,” said Keith Whittier, the ambassador of innovation at IdeaPaint.
Whittier said they received submissions primarily from the corporate world, as well as school districts, teachers from individual schools, and other businesses. They had hundreds of submissions with only four winners. iSchools “innovative use of new technology” and iSchool “wanting to do things differently” was what made our school stand out to IdeaPaint.
“Most of our submissions come from companies who really had the means of soliciting something like this, so just seeing students really care about their community was great. The fact that a couple students took it upon themselves, and it wasn’t for any reason except that it could bring a cool innovational aspect as well a way of bringing people together, really intrigued us.”
The other winners include a school in Hoodriver, Oregon, IndieGoGo, and an athletic complex outside of Boston called CATZ.

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